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and they became laser-focused on that. The result was that DraftKings opened the first legal U.S. mobile sportsbook outside of Nevada, with an August 1 launch that bested the many giant gaming companies that have interests in Atlantic City. They did catch a lot of people by surprise, Pappano said. Many of the casinos that offer online gaming seemed to just plan to bolt sports betting onto that. One-third of those surveyed said they would be more likely to risk money on fantasy sports than sports betting , and 22 percent said they would be equally likely to do both. There was a significant split between the genders: Men picked sports betting by a 57 percent to 30 percent margin over fantasy sports, but women went 37-29 in favor of fantasy sports. The age breakdown was consistent: The older you are, the more likely that you would prefer sports betting if legal in your state. NFL sports betting vs. fantasy was 35-41 percent for Generation Z, a 37-37 tie with millennials, 43-29 for Gen X, 75-25 for Baby Boomers, and 83-17 for retirees. Interest in various sports was fairly predictable, with a hierarchy of: NFL, MLB, college football, NBA, college basketball, MLS, NASCAR, PGA Tour, horse racing, and boxing, all of them rating at least 13 แทงบอลออนไลน์ percent in extremely or somewhat interested. Soccer and horse racing were the most gender neutral preferences; all the others tipped heavily toward males. Boxing fared well with Gen Z and millennials at 30 and 20 percent interest, respectively, compared to just 3 percent for Baby Boomers. The PGA went the other route, topping off at 28 percent for retirees (which would be obvious from the sort of commercials run on TV during those events).

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